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About LadyLike

Our Mission

LadyLike is an initiative to inspire and empower Black and African women in the Greater Des Moines Area. LadyLike uses various facets to connect with women in efforts to fuel their desired commitment to the community while elevating local Black Women talent and addressing the racial wealth gap through training, mentoring and entrepreneur support.

Our Vision

Since its establishment in 2017, LadyLike has been a pioneering force in investing in the potential of thousands of Black women across Iowa and the nation through virtual and personal channels. Rooted in a profound commitment to fostering growth and empowering leadership, LadyLike stands as a beacon for three pivotal reasons.

1. Connecting Businesses, Fueling Growth:
LadyLike serves as a dynamic bridge, linking Black women-owned businesses with prospective customers and growth opportunities. Through organization has cultivated an ecosystem where entrepreneurial spirit thrives, enabling these businesses to flourish and make meaningful contributions to their communities.

2. Resources and Industry Connectivity:
LadyLike's dedication extends beyond commerce. The organization is committed to connecting Black women with vital resources and industries that cater to their unique needs. By creating pathways to essential resources, LadyLike empowers women to navigate and overcome challenges, fostering resilience and sustainability.

3. Leadership Development:
Central to LadyLike's core is an unwavering commitment to leadership development. The organization believes in inspiring and nurturing leadership qualities in Black and African women. Through comprehensive training, impactful leadership programs, and unwavering support for entrepreneurs, LadyLike is dedicated to equipping women with the skills and confidence needed to take charge, lead with purpose, and contribute to their communities. This includes an all-day event with over 300 Black Women who are empowered, inspired, and encouraged as they continue to operate in spaces as "the only" or "the few".

Our Founders

Deidre DeJear

Why LadyLike?

Community is the cornerstone of progress. Throughout history, black women have been steadfast cultivators of community. I co-founded LadyLike to serve as the fertile ground where seeds are not only planted but carefully nurtured as they blossom into fruitful destinies.


Lindsey Lovelace

Why LadyLike?

At the time of co-founding LadyLike, I was looking for a unique experience for developing and inspiring me as a Black Woman in corporate America. At the time, we had no space like that in Des Moines. I realized if I had that need, others did to so I aimed to create the space for us all to benefit.


Our Stellar Sisters


Shekinah Fountain

Jerrica Marshall

Lindsay Rone

Through the Years

2017 - PowHER Brunch Debut:

  • The inaugural LadyLike PowHER Brunch gathered 30 Black women, laying the foundation for cultivating relationships, building mentorships, and reconnecting women to their commitment to serve the community. The speaker lineup featured inspiring figures, including Teree Caldwell Johnson, Shontavia Johnson, Esq., and Dr. Avis Jones-Deweaver.


2018 - Sip & Shop Introduction:

  • LadyLike expanded its impact in 2018 with the introduction of the LadyLike Sip & Shop at the PowHER Brunch. Ten local Black Women owned businesses showcased their products to 80 women, supported by free web-based promotions and ongoing support from LadyLike. The Mind Body and Soul event featured speakers Dr. Emily McKnight, Keisha Burns, and Jewel Diamond Taylor.


2019 - PowHER Panel and Business Support:

  • The PowHER Panel made its debut in 2019, featuring influential figures like Dr. Angela Franklin, Bridget Cravens-Neely, Lonnie Dafney, Renee Hardman, Dr. Mary Chapman, Teree Caldwell-Johnson, Vickee Jordan-Adams, Tricia Gabriel, and Andromeda Raheem. Fifteen local Black Women owned businesses catered to 130 women, with free web-based and print promotions and ongoing support from LadyLike.


2020 - Supporting Businesses During the Pandemic:

  • In 2020, LadyLike adapted to support new and existing local Black Women owned businesses through web-based and monetary support during the challenging times of the pandemic.


2021 - Sip & Shop Mystery Box and PowHER Hour:

  • LadyLike introduced the Sip & Shop Mystery Box in Spring 2021, supporting six local Black Women Owned businesses through web-based marketing and financial contribution. The PowHER Hour was introduced in June 2021 to address the pressing needs of local Black women, providing a space for empowerment as they continued to serve the community.


2022 - PowHER Hour Virtual Series and Collaboration:

  • In 2022, LadyLike's PowHER Hour virtual series continued to increase awareness about issues facing Black Women. The PowHER Brunch returned with over 200 attendees and 20 Black Women Businesses. LadyLike's impact expanded through a collaboration with the Greater Des Moines Partnership at the Downtown Farmers Market, featuring a LadyLike Incubator Tent that significantly increased the representation of Black Women Owned businesses at the Market.

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