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About LadyLike

Our Mission

LadyLike is an initiative to inspire and empower Black and African women in the Greater Des Moines Area. LadyLike uses various facets to connect with women in efforts to fuel their desired commitment to the community while elevating local Black Women talent and addressing the racial wealth gap through training, mentoring and entrepreneur support.

Our History

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In winter 2016 a group of friends was looking for a conference geared toward Black Women to attend as part of their 2017 goal setting. After recognizing they would spend on the upwards of $1000 after travel, lodging and registration they questioned “Why isn’t there something like this in Des Moines?” and thus, LadyLike was created.

  • In 2017 the LadyLike PowHER Brunch was introduced, gathering 30 Black women across the city to cultivate relationships, build mentorships and reconnect women to their commitment to serve the community. Our speaker line up included Teree Caldwell Johnson, Shontavia Johnson, Esq. and Dr. Avis Jones-Deweaver.

  • In 2018, the LadyLike Sip & Shop was introduced at the LadyLike PowHER Brunch in which 10 local Black Women owned businesses were able to showcase and sell their products to 80 women plus additional patrons. Participation included free web-based promotions and on-going support from LadyLike. The Mind Body and Soul with a speaker line up consisting of Dr. Emily McKnight, Keisha Burns and Jewel Diamond Taylor.

  • In 2019, 15 local Black Women owned businesses catered to 130 women. Participation included free web-based and print promotions and on-going support from LadyLike. This is the year the PowHER Panel was introduced consisting of Dr. Angela Franklin, Bridget Cravens-Neely, Lonnie Dafney, Rene Hardman, Dr. Mary Chapman, Teree Caldwell-Johnson and Vickee Jordan-Adams. We were also joined by Tricia Gabriel and Andromeda Raheem.

  • In 2020, LadyLike supported new and existing local Black Women owned businesses through web-based and monetary support during the pandemic. 

  • In Spring 2021, the LadyLike Sip & Shop Mystery Box was introduced supporting 6 local Black Women Owned businesses through web-based marketing and financial contribution. June 2021 the PowHER Hour was introduced to address the pressing needs of local Black women needing a space for us to get poured into as we continue to serve our community

  • In 2022 we hope to continue monthly PowHER Hours, reintroduce the annual PowHER Brunch and expand the Lady Sip & Shop initiative to include opportunities to apply for micro-grants to cover various expenses for local Black Women owned businesses.

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